How To Apply PM Wani Yojana Online

Internet has become a very important necessity in our life. India has progressed to a great extent in the Internet sector. After Digital India Revolution, now WiFi Revolution is also being done by the Government. That’s why the government is going to provide WiFi facility to the citizens of the country under PM Wani Yojana.

Through this scheme, free Wi-Fi facility will be provided by the government at all public places. Public Wi-Fi network to citizens will be provided by Public Data Office. That’s why the work of setting up public data offices is going on fast across the country. In this post, we will give you information about PM-WANI Yojana.

PM WANI scheme

Overview of PM Wani Yojana:

Scheme namePM Wani Yojna
launchedGovernment of India
Apply ModeNot Yet declared
Objective provide Wi-Fi facility

About PM wani Yojana 2023:

Prime Minister WiFi Access Network Initiative i.e. PM Wani Yojana has been started by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. Apart from promoting business through the scheme, employment opportunities will also increase. The objective of this scheme is to provide Wi-Fi facility at all public places. So that all the citizens of the country can connect to the internet and take advantage of online facilities sitting at their homes. There will be a massive WiFi revolution in the country through PM-WANI Yojana. PM Modi has taken this very good step to take the country forward.

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PM Wani Yojana update:

The benefits of the PM wani Yojana run by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have started being received in Madhya Pradesh as well. Under the scheme, the beneficiaries will have to pay a fee of ₹50 to avail 1 month data facility. Now the citizens of the state will be able to avail unlimited data for just ₹ 50. This facility of unlimited data is being provided to the beneficiaries through ration shops i.e. now the beneficiary can get the benefit of unlimited data along with taking ration items from the ration shops.

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How To Apply PM Wani Yojana:

For your information, let me tell you that only this scheme has been announced by the government. If you want to apply under PM-WANI Yojana then you will have to wait for some time now. Soon the process of applying under PM Free Wi-Fi wani Yojana will be told. As soon as the process of applying under the PM wani scheme will be activated by the government. We will definitely tell you the upcoming news through this article. please stay connected with our website.

Benefits of the scheme:

•Through this scheme, now every citizen of the whole country can connect to the Internet.

•Continuous internet connectivity will be ensured through PM wani Yojana.

• Employment opportunities will increase through PM Wani Yojana.

• Through this scheme, even the smallest shopkeepers will get WiFi service.

•A third party downloadable app will be developed under the PM wani scheme which users can download and connect to the nearest WiFi network.

• After the implementation of this scheme, the businessman can increase the income of their business.

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For the implementation of the PM Wani scheme, public data centers will be opened across the country. There will be no application fee or registration for opening the data center. It is mandatory for all providers to be registered with the Department of Telecom to open data offices. Hope you liked reading this post. Kindly share this post with your friends.


PM Wani Official website name

Who implemented PM-WANI

Department of Telecommunications

What is a PDO in PM WANI scheme?

PDO means Public Data Officer who managing the WANI access points.

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